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Meet The Team

Carolyn Walker


Aziz Abdullah

Business Development/Digital Marketing Strategy

Emani T.

Marketing Strategist/Project Management

Francis K.

Brand Manager/Creative Director

Sharmone S.

Design Specialist/Production Assistant

Mike S.

Production Lead/Design Support

Joe S.

Design & Branding

Erica W.

Creative Direction & Branding


Multimedia Support

Wes Tank

Video/Photo Production


Office Dog

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, the seeds of a concept in owner Carolyn Walker’s basement sprouted with swift fruition. Her determined vision of building a service-based company, centered around the printing needs of clients, inspired Ms. Walker to create Great Impressions.


Since our inception, we have been a client-centered operation that has maintained an identity of boutique style service with the quality of corporate delivery. Starting with a focus around printing & promotional products, to date, Great Impressions has serviced over 500 brands in Milwaukee representing both large corporations and local small businesses.


Now in full bloom, our diverse and talented team offers creative symmetry to service clients of all sizes and focal points. Specializing in Print, Graphics, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, & Promotional Products, Great Impressions acts as the true one-stop solution for companies of all sizes and needs.


Our success stems from an experienced and innovative team!

  • Carolyn

  • Mike

  • Sharmone

  • Aziz

  • Emani

  • Joel

  • Tyson

Carolyn Walker

Our creative-expression experts are prepared to find the solutions you need today.

Why Great Impressions? Because you deserve the best in quality and service.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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