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TheGreenMileDualAudioHindiEnglish [2022]




The customer rating is 5.0 / 5 ( 20 reviews) This is a Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movie and available in 720p & 480p . Movie D: The Green Mile - The Green Mile Movie (1999)Hindi Dubbed Movie (D) - Plot - DescriptioThis film is a beautiful work of how a true lover of humanity is portrayed in the most successful way by the lead actor - Tom Hanks, who in this film is not only a comforting and supportive friend but also an inspiring one. The whole cast plays their roles magnificently and the well written dialogues by John Sayles, are written so well, so simply, so eloquently, you can feel the author's true voice and the sense of the tender emotions that he tries to convey. This is a story about death, a story about loss, a story about the meaning of life and all of them about our attachment to the living, the dead and the yet unborn. It's about all these things in an ordinary story of a condemned man, condemned to be executed by hanging, who takes the count of his life as he has no tomorrow to live it. His name is Mister Samuel Beckett, he is a white middle aged man, he walks peacefully into his death cell in the penitentiary. 'What is the point of life anyway?' 'How can you live without being happy?' asks the person who's about to meet his end. 'Can you not be someone who makes others happy, can't you be someone who makes others happy, can't you? Can't you be someone who makes people smile? Can't you be someone who makes people smile? Can't you?' 'Can't you? Can't you?' asks the condemned man. He is not just talking to himself, but to us, he is asking a question to us all, to all of us who do not have to die the way he has to die. In this film, he tries to convey to us the message of life and why we live the way we live, why we are the way we are. He tells us that life is about choices, about choices. And he also says, 'Look at me, I chose to be the way I am.' 'I chose to be the way I am', he says, 'I chose to be the way I am. To be what I am.' But just as he is on the brink of saying,




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TheGreenMileDualAudioHindiEnglish [2022]

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